black colour wallpaper

Use black colour wallpaper for your home interior over the paint

Many people are confused in choosing the paint and wallpaper for their home; some people add the wallpapers in your home interior to highlight and protect the walls. At the same time, others go for the traditional paint. You can choose black colour wallpaper for your home as they add style and grace. Moreover, wallpapers are easy to use and install than paints. You can make any theme in your room with the wallpapers. It is a quick and effective method to style up your home. However, your requirements and preference play a vital role in choosing the wallpaper or paint for the walls of your home.


Paints are made from the chemicals and release the VOC (Volatile organic compounds). These chemicals can affect your body in the short and long term, and paints are harmful to the human body. While painting, many people experience the symptoms such as eye-watering, headaches, breathing problems, and dizziness. Other immediate symptoms are lung irritation and vision problems, and throat. Moreover, the chronic exposure of the VOCs that are present in the interior paint can damage the nervous system, liver, and kidney.

How to protect yourself from health issues:

If you want to apply paint in your home and protect from health issues, you can choose water-based paint as it is safe for the exterior. You can ensure that the VOC amount is within a safe range by reading the label.

On the other hand, go with the wallpapers instead of paint. However, paint is the perfect option for your home interior. Wallpapers are a long-term investment; they can stay for 7 to 10 years, and it also doesn’t compromise your health.


If you change your home interior decor yearly, then wallpapers may not be the perfect choice for you as they are last longer. If you add the fine quality wallpaper with the proper installation, then it goes for many years. In contrast, if you choose the best quality paint, then it will add in five years. Wallpapers are more durable than paint and also cost-effective.


In the market, paint comes in many varieties, and you can choose anyone according to your choice and preference. Apart from it, paints have also come in various base types such as oil-based and water paints. It also comes in various finishes, including eggshell finish, semi-gloss and gloss finish, and stains finish.

In the case of wallpaper, they have also come in various types and styles. Wallpapers have come in multiple styles such as vinyl, solid-sheet vinyl, grasscloth, fabric, pre-pasted and vinyl-coated fabric. You can add any theme to your home with the wallpapers like traditional, classical, vintage, modern, and contemporary. You can also add your favourite picture to your home.


Paints are chip on the walls, whereas wallpaper tends to peel off. Wallpapers have come with a washable facility; you can easily wipe them with a damp cloth if they get ant marks and stains.

In summing up

Paints and wallpapers have their own features and qualities. You can choose the black colour wallpaper for your home via  as they are easy to use and install.